Friends of Squirrels

Mission Statement: To provide a safe place for the squirrel community to live, love and be free.

Clark Pickens hails from Northwestern Montana and has a long family history of squirrel abuse. His family would raise squirrels on their ranch for meat. Clark's mother, Clariese, won several blue ribbons at county fairs around the country for her squirrel chili recipe. To them it was just a normal way of life.

"I used to eat squirrel. When I was a boy we raised them for meat." - Clark Pickens

In the late 1970's Clark's father started a squirrel fighting ring in their barn. People would come from all around to see a young Clark fight the small animals to the death. As a result of his years in the ring, Clark contracted several forms of squirrel disease. He suffers from small animal mange and restless leg syndrome.

After reading the children's book, "Squirrels have feelings too!", Clark realized that he was a monster. He vowed to change his ways and devote his life to the betterment of squirrels. He knows he can never undo the atrocities he has brought upon the squirrel community, but he strives each day to be a better human and to provide care for his animal friends that he once tortured.

"So, there were some dark times in my past, but certainly now it's a bright future." - Clark Pickens